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G.A. Matiasz

I am the author of the science fiction novel End Time: Notes on the Apocalypse, available from AK Press (PO Box 40682, San Francisco, CA 94140-0682).

I also write a monthly (more or less) political column, entitled “What’s Left?,” under the nom de guerre “Lefty” Hooligan for Maximum Rocknroll (PO Box 460760, San Francisco, CA 94146-0760).

Profane Existence & Cyberpsychos AOD

“While dealing with future events that may not be, enough of the action takes place in a believable world to call this a 90’s version of M. Gilliland’s classic The Free . Over-all, well-written, near future science fiction novel brimming with believable characters in an all-too-familiar setting. Pick this one up and you probably won’t be able to put it down “til it’s over!”

JG Eccarius and Lumpen Times

“End Time … is scarily realistic, fast paced, and detailed in vision. … I don’t know of any future fiction this chillingly real published since the debut of Gibson’s Neuromancer …. If Gibson preceded Matiasz, it must be admitted that Matiasz has topped him.”

END TIME reprint

62 MILE PRESS is reprinting the prescient, near-future thriller END TIME: NOTES ON THE APOCALYPSE by G.A. MATIASZ. Written in a slashing, evocative style, END TIME received rave reviews in underground and small press circles in 1994.