Dusted by Stars by G.A. Matiasz |February 2022


62 Mile Press plans Dusted by Stars by G.A. Matiasz for February 2022 publication

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Immersive world-building at its best, detailed and evocative, rendered within a concise storyline.


SAN FRANCISCO, 12-10-2021 – 62 Mile Press is excited to announce the publication of Dusted by Stars by G.A. Matiasz in February 2022. This science fiction action adventure tale is space opera with a touch of fantasy. Set in the same universe as the author’s previous books but in humanity’s far future, Dusted by Stars is thought-provoking yet rollicking, dense yet fast-paced.

The work of G.A. Matiasz has been described as “richly textured and frightening” (Kirkus Reviews) and “highly prefessional but intelligent, a rare combination in fiction” (Small Press Review). Dusted by Stars is elaborately illustrated by graphic artist Jon Hunt. A near-future cyberpunk novelette The Death of David Pickett is included with Dusted by Stars.

Print-on-demand and ebooks will be available from IngramSpark and Kindle/KDP. Additional editions will be rolled out through Barnes & Noble, PublishDrive, and Smashwords.

Jon Hunt Illustrations

Dusted by Stars is lavishly illustrated with work by Jon Hunt, including 15 stunning graytone graphics unique to the story. Sample Zip File


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61 Mile Press is named for the Kármán line, the boundary between Earth’s atmosphere and outer space. The press is a publisher of quality speculative fiction, cyberpunk, and science fiction. We are always looking for new authors. Please inquire here.

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