Dusted by Stars – new novel out Nov. 1

Stacy Jones is a small business owner who is also a proud citizen of socialist Mars. But she barely gets by as an independent starship pilot and freight hauler. When Stacy takes a commission to convey a seemingly innocuous object from an enigmatic employer to the Perfected World of Kapala she unwittingly puts her life and livelihood at risk. To transport the mythical sangrael possessed by the legendary Medea Aeëtes, Stacy battles thieves and hijackers across a galaxy swarming with aliens and riddled with danger. She teams up with Kryz, a diminutive Rarj, through muggings and dogfights to protect her precious cargo. Stacy’s action-packed mission culminates on Kapala in a transcendental revelation that exposes secrets and lies before new paths forward are revealed.

This far future science fiction adventure thriller is a rollicking space opera with a touch of fantasy. Set in the universe of my previous books, Dusted by Stars is lavishly illustrated by Jon Hunt and comes with a bonus near-future cyberpunk mystery The Death of David Pickett.


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