The Death of David Pickett by G.A. Matiasz

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(Matiasz) extends current trends ingeniously to provide a context for characters winning their individual illuminations and liberations. —Iven Lourie, Inner Journeys

[H]ighly professional but intelligent, a rare
combination in fiction. —Small Press Review

Part-time archivist and full-time scenester Jesse Steinfeld digs deep, questioning the enigmatic death of charismatic local political activist David Pickett as urban tensions mount. While popular demonstrations occupy San Francisco’s Mission District in the name of a revolutionary “Mission Commune,” bringing the city to the brink of social insurrection, Jesse realizes nothing is as it seems in Pickett’s cryptic life and mysterious demise. The full- throttle street politics of today collide with tomorrow’s slow-motion apocalypse in this explosive tale of identity, mortality, technology, and reality in the city by the bay.

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